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Paranjothi Mahan

Mahan is the only one who has shown the simplest way to complete the journey of life successfully.


Vision and Mission

To bring Wisdom and Administration together to provide Global Peace to everyone through Individual Peace.



Gurumahan as he is fondly called is conferred the Ambassador of Peace Award by Universal Peace Federation, Malaysia, a unit of UNO

Global Peace Mission

Global Peace Mission

UPF is desirous of bringing about a new Global Order wherein there is no Poverty, Hunger, Animosity between people.


Universal Peace Foundation

Universal Peace Foundation is a registered Trust functioning with a vision of “Universal Peace through Individual Peace”. ‘Jagat Mahaguru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan Universal Peace Foundation’ is a registered Trust functioning with a vision of “Universal Peace through Individual Peace”. Founded in 1994. Universal Peace Foundation has been addressing the subtle layers of human personalities to enable internal transformation to discover the true potential of individuals.  



Pyramids are the reservoirs of concentrated cosmic energy. But the pyramids are beyond renovations, and are constructed using a mathematical calculation, in which the angle constructed , favours totally the concentration of energy photonic particles to the maximum 6 times more than the energy outside pyramid.When one goes inside pranavalayam , each and every cells gets nourished with cosmic energy, making body disease free, mind very peaceful and calm, intellect very clear therby leading to mastery of the self.  

For Today
"Whatever happened is for good, whatever happens is for good and whatever to happen will also be for good"

Achievements of UPF


Universal Peace Foundation conducted a Peace event in Kuala Lumpur on 11.11.2011.

Our Ashram - Gnanapeedam


Gnanapeedam (Throne of wisdom) is the sacred place where from one learns, practices and experiences the true wisdom.

Kundalini Meditation


The cosmic energy, the spiritual energy, called Kundalini is lying dormant at the base of the spine.

Velvi (Penance)


It is a conscious means of structuring and processing the purest noble thoughts.